The Beginning is the End is the Beginning


”Every sunset brings the promise of a new dawn.”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

It all begins again. A fresh start. A new chapter. Life has a funny way of circling back around, a recursive phenomenon, the Ouroboros made manifest in each and every one of us. As the twilight of the old gives way to the darkness of the Great Night, we descend unto the depths of our katabasis, a harrowing journey to weigh our soul against the dead and the damned only to come out the other side as daybreak casts tentacled, crepuscular rays upward to the heavens. And there you stand, casting shadows once again upon the land; a creature of its own creation, borne anew with great elation.

We all know this to be true if we dive deep enough into our own psyche; however, when your descent into your katabasis begins, it is difficult to hold out hope that you will ever see the Light of the other side again.

This is where I stand, at the nadir, gripped with an inner darkness that crawls beneath my skin, sending endless chills of despair coursing through me. It is of my own doing, for certain. The past year and a half has been a time spent within the Dream World, a liminal space where time stands still and the gods emerge from fractal, kaleidoscope color scapes. Where everything suddenly matters, and yet, means nothing at all. The colors give way and you become lost in the infinite grey of existence. Purpose seems an impossible task to create here. What now do you do? Integrate.

Recognize that you have reached the lowest of the low and know that you can begin your ascension back among the creatures of the Light. The journey back up is where we take all that we have learned in our descent and integrate it into our experience, do not forget this! Otherwise, what point would this great journey have been?! The sea of grey that you swim in is meant for your coloring, so go, give it the definition and meaning that you want and watch the world around you emerge from the formless shadows at your behest.

This is the beginning of understanding and finding Harmony in Dissonance. This is the beginning of your own personal mythos that will lead you to the person you were meant to be. This is a blog documenting my own personal journey back to the Light, to live with you all amongst the stars. I hope you will walk with me. Welcome home.

With love,


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