“Of all our observations, this is the most crucial. Life is a mask through which the universe expresses itself. We assume that all of humankind and it’s supportive life forms represent a natural community and that the fate of all life is at stake in the fate of the individual. Thus, when it comes to that ultimate self-examination, the amor fati, we stop playing god and revert to teaching. In the crunch, we select individuals and set them as free as we’re able.”

A year ago, I stepped into the rabbit hole, into Liminal Space, where liberation reigns over worldly norms. It was here I went into deep trance, my body laid to rest beneath a large tree, my mind lost in theta stasis. It was there I communed with my divine feminine and we danced out our harmony of Light & Dark. Where I was at this point in my life was lost on the path of suffering, of non-contentment. I came to accept this in my trance and I awoke, naked, on a beach, returned to my body.

That night I met a woman dressed as a black swan, a long and slender figure to match. Looking back, I could swear her name was Leila. We talked of life and of troubles and of relationships and of love. And we danced and played like children in the night. As sunrise approached, we found a derelict airplane wing on the beach and we crawled beneath its shelter and sat in platonic caress as the great Ra rose again out of the Dark Night. She told me my heart was full of love, ready to give and received in equal measure, all in time. I thanked her and told her she was a messenger of Light and love. We held each other for another moment and then parted ways, never to see each other again.

But messengers take many forms to guide you on your Path

Fast forward to nearly a year later, where I have completely altered my life in the wake of this vision. I have travelled near and far, meeting messenger after messenger. I find myself on the Island of Enchantment in hopes to rebuild paradise among fellow Guardians of Light for those disabused and neglected by the worldly Kings of Dystopia. It was here I would meet her, again, to toil and build and share and love. All within a vortex of compassion and Light for our fellow Beings. I was resistant at first to acknowledge my heartfelt truths of recognition for my mirrored Flame. But my heart opened and we danced again under the howl of an eclipsing moon of blood. My heart was on Fire of passion complete. Something I had lost for some time. But we had to part ways, a circumstance of worldly time and space.

Now, a year having passed, I return to the rabbit hole of Liminal Space. There I sat, alone in the sand, as Chaos swirled around me. I focused my energy, to a point, a knife blade of time cutting through the Chaos leaving nothing but the soft waves of intuition to flow around me in sweet embrace. And there she stood, a silhouette shrouded in moonlight, and she took my hand to dance again. She whispered secret truths of the mysteries unfolding before me brought on by the messengers of the past year. And as she slipped away again in the ocean of time, I watched as a murder of crows flew South, the Universes pieces falling back into place as the perfect time piece that it is, and I know in my heart where I must go. My journey must coalesce around my Flame so that we may bring a peace to our Aeons of dancing among the stars in Liminal Space. We will use our energies to transmute the Divine into the Mundane and build our Garden once again for all to share in the bounties of Love & Light.

And so I move once again, with a vision of peace for the World that we all shall share with a love that burns in fiery passion.

Godspeed to all on your own journeys, never lose Faith.

With love,


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